Monday, June 1, 2009

It Fits


Tried the dress on yesterday. It fits and I still like it. It's way more romantic than I ever thought I would go for. Having just gone to Kleinfeld's for a friend's dress fitting, I have the name and number of a seamstress.

Kleinfeld's cost for alterations is $575 for alterations, $295 for dry cleaning, holy crap. But they give out their seamstress's contact info if you want to do it that way. I just don't know if she will press it and clean it for me as well. It was a sample, it needs a lil sprucing. And she's out in brooklyn. Kleinfeld's is centrally located...

Now I can get around to buying those shoes that are super comfy. Found them at my glass slipper. The strangest shoe store in NYC.

It's on the sixth floor of an office building, only a few blocks from Kleinfeld's, down a labyrinth of hallways. Picture a windowless room full of white and ivory wedding shoes.


Julie said...

So weird. I got ordred my dress from Kleinfelds a month ago and my alterations were a $600 flat fee! Not $400. Oh well.

lazybride said...

oh crap, have their prices gone up or is my memory fading??