Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dreams v. Reality

I've noticed an ongoing theme of brides in the blog world coming up against reality, armed only with their dreams. I can't say that I had any real dream-vision about my wedding. I just want it to be stress free. I want to not get the knot of anxiety in my throat that makes my voice quiver.

So, when the FH proposed, I floated the idea of a surprise picnic wedding, to be catered by Dinosaur BBQ, held at a lovely hudson river side retreat center, with the only people in on the surprise my marrying uncles who would conveniently already be there for the annual big irish family reunion.

But, surprise, he wanted the church, not so much for the church but for the connection to our college, a place of great memories for both of us. However, the church is costing at least $1100 because as an institution of higher learning, they squeeze money out of you any chance they get. ie the perfectly clean refridgerator that my six roommates and I had to pay $40 each to "clean".

Part of that cost is the organist. Who is the only organist allowed to play the organ. Who I have to pay an EXTRA $100 because I want my cousin the professional opera singer to sing with the organist. one song. ARGH.

In the vein of bride-blogdom, I will try to stay on the positive side, it will be beautiful, it's in the Bronx, near my parents' home and the neighborhood I grew up in. And we will get great pics. And possibly stop by Pugsley's for some chicken rolls right after! I can't think of a better way to start a marriage...


We're all moved in to the new place. It's so WEIRD. to live in the place we are going to be husband and wife in. where we are going to come home to after our honeymoon. OUR place. Yikes!

It's so nice. There's no garbage collection outside our window. Actual rays of sunshine come through the windows. Heavenly.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Project Runway Goes Bridal

All of you fellow Project Runway brides out there had to have been as excited as I was to see that their last challenge was to design a wedding dress that represented their final runway line. I personally love Tim Gunn so much that if he were at my wedding, I'd have to dance the first dance with him, just to see his awkward/potentially awesome dance moves.

Anyway. My favorite was Leanne's.
This was Korto's original dress below. It did not make it to the final Bryant Park show, from what I can tell. Probably because Nina Garcia made her cry over it.

This was the semi-wedding like dress that made it into Korto's Bryant Park show and I LOVE IT.

Kenley's dress. Yeah yeah yeah, it's all the rage. But you know what? I just can't get over her bad attitude and how she snaps at Tim and Heidi. Say what you will, but I'm a big respect your elders/those wiser than you believer.

The losing one, Jerell's. Which honestly, I didn't think was that bad.

Great night of television. I love me some project runway. All photos from Bravotv.com

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Movin' On Up

movin' on up! to the east side! to a DE-luxe apartment in the sky-iii! Anyone remember the jeffersons? I loved them. Made growing up in an apartment seem normal.

Anyway, we're moving!

When I first moved into my rent-stabilized apartment, I thought it was manna from heaven. Until the first Monday, then the first Wednesday, followed by the first Friday. Why those days? Garbage collection for a 700 unit apartment building. right. out. side. my. window. Well, not right outside, but 7 floors down, but the sound just reverberates off of the buildings and it is a narrow street. Starting at 5 in the morning. For 4 years. My sister happily, to this day, still reminds me that she told me to take the apartment facing the courtyard. I didn't want to because of the old italian lady looking at me from across the way.

Thankfully, Bloomberg passed a noise ordinance a few years ago banning the collection of garbage before 7am, but that doesn't stop the guys from putting out the large metal containers at 5, and the garbage truck from coming just a tad earlier at 630.

When FH moved in with me about 4 months ago, we decided to ask about a change. So began our saga with the crazy rental agent who is prime example of old crazy New York. She operates in an office with a desk, typewriter, filing cabinet and pencil. That's it. No joke.

Long story short, we're moving, we were told this morning and will move into a loverly apartment on the 9th floor, facing the courtyard if all goes well on Thursday morn. We were told to show up with two blank checks. hello! shady!

I'm excited to move into a place that is truely "ours" not just my old apartment that he moved into. And...one year EXACTLY before we take the plung down the aisle. So begins the countdown. 368 days, 23 hours, 17 minutes.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Birthdays and Bagpipes

Life is so hectic busy that sometimes it takes a special day to realize just how lucky you are. My birthday was yesterday and despite some major work drama, it was great. I was overwhelmed with how happy that future husband of mine makes me, how much I love him and how lucky I am.

We went to Del Posto for dinner. YUM. From the blackberry martini, to the light-as-air gnocchi, to the prosciutto de parma, to the fancy fried donuts, we were in heaven. We ate in the enoteca part, because I freaked when I saw the prices in the main dining room. One of the funniest parts was walking into the restaurant with a bunch of DEA officers. Did Mario Batali get busted for dealing? Was Lidia stuffing the gnocchi with a little extra something something? No, just their annual dinner. With bagpipes and drums.

I love me some bagpipes and drums. Had a cousin who got escorted down the aisle by a full on 6 person pipe and drum set. Note to self: make sure to get a bagpiper. Lucky me, my sister is friends with two.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Greetings from New York!

I'm warming to the idea of save the dates. Early in the engagement someone mentioned that I shouldn't do save the dates because then people would make plans for the weekend and not come to the wedding. I know, that is totally horrible and mean, but when staring at a guest list of 247, you want to start cutting people. And thinking that the people that mean the most will obviously know the date from talking to you. Crazy aunts and horrible cousins will not.

After talking to a lot of guests, seeing some really cute projects and even email save the dates, I kind of fell in love with the postcard save the date. Especially these post cards.

Maybe the horrible cousins will just be scared off by the prospect of a wedding in the Bronx. Totally possible. crossing fingers...
With the wedding in the Bronx and reception in Brooklyn, we could take a more universal New York City theme.
Not sure about this one because it has a random pic of the state capitol...that's in albany, not that anyone would notice but me.

This one might be my favorite because of the bridge and outline of the city.