Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Things I'd Rather Do (than plan my wedding)

I'd rather look at pretty china and compare the merits of a flat bottomed cup to a round bottomed cup.

there's also this martha collection...I may be sharing too much, but I think this cup is divine. that's right. DIVINE.

Friday, March 20, 2009

shower-gate update

In the most proactive moves I have ever taken with my future in-laws, I called both the FMIL and FSIL individually, without FH. The verdict? I will not go to Ohio for the baby shower, FSIL totally understands, even said, "I hope you aren't planning to come out to Ohio for this thing." and "I told FH that you shouldn't even consider it." hmmm, didn't quite get that message from FH.

FMIL was a little less forgiving, but still sort of let me off the hook, with a little passive agressive, "We'd still love to see you."

Done and done. We'll hopefully make it out pre-baby on a cheapy flight and post-baby when we can. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. And even better, I'm the one that lifted it.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


inspired by a quasi anniversary dinner at Mermaid Inn, celebrating one year engaged! Could be fun to put these at each place setting....

Fortune Teller Miracle Fish

And, only $30 for 250!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bronx Beat

At some point I was going to go into detail ad nausea about all of the places we considered for the reception/party. If you grow up in the Bronx, when you get married, you used to be contractually obligated to have your wedding at one of a string of catering halls on Shore Road in New Rochelle. I won't name names, you know who you are. We went one afternoon, right after the Botanical Gardens broke my heart (damn you abigail kirsch).

I can't really summarize how each experience was more horrible and not us as the one before. I can ask you to watch this video and imagine these women planning your wedding. Or, even better, their husbands, with pinky rings, offering you "top shelf liquor, your johnny walker, your johnny walker black"

skip to 2:42 when she talks about her's funny

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shower The People You Love with...

Not sure why the day before Easter is a desirable date for people to throw parties. As in, the day of both my future sister in law's baby shower and my bridesmaid's bridal shower. Let's list the reasons for going to each, shall we?

Baby Shower
She is my future sister in law
It is organized by the woman who my future mother in law says would like to plan me a shower
My future mother in law thinks that "I've done everything to exclude her from the wedding" despite my hours long conversations about the color of her dress
FH totally wants me to go
I need to beef up my in-law interaction

She's having four baby showers. yes, FOUR.
It is in Ohio, on easter weekend, flight prices are already at $250
The drive to Ohio is death because of the state of Pennslyvania and their penchant for 2 lane highways
I would have to stay with in-laws, at the intersection of anger and passive agressive
I need to beef up my in-law interaction

Bridal Shower
She's one of my bridesmaids
It's local, meaning I could still spend Easter with my family
She's only having one shower, see above
Her FH is a chef, it will be delicious
I heart her already and have no emotional baggage

I can't be perceived as choosing friends over family
I haven't gotten the invite yet, have received invite for baby shower

Complicating factors
Before I knew about the bridal shower, FH already told his mother that we would try, but probably wouldn't be able to make it that weekend.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

website remix

We're not sending save the dates so I feel compelled to create a wedding website. That and we have the getting from the bronx to brooklyn fiasco and the whole my fiance hasn't picked a hotel just yet nightmare.

I hate the and, can't use those sites. I have stalked others via those sites and don't feel like going there.

Just visited, that wasn't helpful and nothing was clickable, so annoying.

My mac is too old to upload the new iweb software, which I so desperately want to use.

We may just choose, seems to be the easiest free one although the templates are uber cheesy in their non-offensiveness.

Then there is google sites, but I feel like google already has claim to a large part of my internet presence (email, blogger, reader, calendar). I'd like to go on a google diet.

Anyone out there have a good service? and want to hold my hand through this?