Friday, October 2, 2009

it's the final countdown

I've been strangely calm the last week, just handling things as they come up. I thought I would be a frantic mess at this point, but due to the fact that everything that could be delegated was, I don't have that much to worry/fret about.

Besides random stupid requests by, putting this nicely, silly, silly people. One involving carrying a baby down the aisle. I know, I'm a heartless bitch because I don't want a baby to be carried down the aisle because I think that maybe, maaaaaybe, she'll be freaked out, not like organ music, or tons of strangers looking at her, will shit her pants and then will cry (like a baby) at the altar when separated from her mother. and, I don't know why I wouldn't want that to be the last thing happen before I walk down the aisle.

Also, you get what you ask for.

I asked for my mom to look over the programs for errors/omissions and got 4 emails with several different things to correct/do. Over the course of 36 hours. helpful. didn't make all that many changes.


If you download a certain font and want to bring your program to Kinko's they will not necessarily have the font on their computers. Learned that the hard way. And despite their business model of wanting to do easy printing jobs and make money, they will turn away your business because you request bond paper.

calm. still calm. KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON.

and f* you, I'm a fan now...


Sally said...
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Missa said...

Seriously, Kinkos is subpar. We printed all our own invites at a friend's house, but then later needed 3 extras and went to Kinko's to print them. Uh, no. They can't print on paper narrower than 5 inches, nor can they print envelopes. WTF?