Monday, July 21, 2008

Showers - Epicenter of Drama

This will be a complaining post. Because I hate wedding drama. It seems to be that if there was a graph depicting levels of drama, it would spike around the wedding shower. Numerous women, different interests, tastes and preconceptions, AND all of those things for what they think the bride-to-be should have/would want.

I have a friend, we'll name her...Grace. She is getting married and her sister has dropped the ball, planning nothing for her shower. Being a friend, and having Grace as a bridesmaid, made me want to do something for her, so a friend and I planned a weekend of girlie fun with just friends.

Lo and behold, the sister gets up in arms and the sister in law (who may or may not be a recovering bridezilla) wants to plop a shower in the middle of the weekend o' fun. Fine! Let me help! I'll do whatever you want! Somewhere along the line I was shamed for not planning the shower myself. I...didn't...know...that as one of many friends somehow I would be responsible.

I really don't understand the drama around showers, a bunch of women getting together to give the bride gifts and well-wishes, that's all it should be. Make some tea sandwiches and call it a day. *sigh*

This does make me grateful that I have great bridesmaids, a great MOH (my sister) and mom. I know that my friends won't be stressed out about the shower. I, however, will be stressed opening lingerie in front of elderly women, there's something just naughty about that.

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