Friday, August 8, 2008

Day-Of Coordinator Swap

I'm a frequent checker of the indie bride board, kvetch, and noticed something interesting. Swapping your services for that of another bride in need. What made it interesting to me is the possibility of hiring a day-of coordinator for the price of your own labor.

I'm not sure that I would be comfortable with a total stranger doing this for me, but then I got to talking to a good work friend about it and she mentioned a friend who took advantage of all of her friends' talents by assigning them tasks for the wedding, including a party coordinator. The party coordinator made sure that everything happened on time by checking with the restaurant staff and dj. This worked because it was an informal mine...

This seems interesting to me. I know that the traditionalists will say that guests should be guests, but I know some of my friend-guests would be great at helping out with a few things, and it would make them more involved in the wedding itself.


Anonymous said...

I take a nod from democracy on this: participation begets belonging. I will have to repeat this to myself over and over when I have my wedding in order to remind myself of why I am asking my friends to pitch in. I want people to feel connected to me and to eachother and that means: roll up your sleeves! If a guest comes and is "just a guest", thats like being a spectator, you know?

Broke-ass Bride said...

I LURVE the kvetch boards! I found my DOC on there, and while its not quite a bridal-trade situation, we have worked out a mutually beneficial arrangement to help eachother :)