Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Reading around in the wedding blogosphere can get you a little down sometimes, especially when you inevitably start comparing what you yourself are doing to others. Whether your ring is too big, or too small or not politically correct. Whether you are gocco'ing and hand-stamping your invites. Whether you are arranging your own flowers, or hiring the most in the know floral designer recommended by the martha stewart blog (i'm starting to almost hate that blog).

I know that most of these posts are meant to share and be informative, but sometimes I get just plain jealous of the backyard wedding, the bride wearing cowboy boots, the handmade invites, the beautiful nature backgrounds and the flower arranging relatives. I have no backyard to have my wedding in, as New York is my backyard. And none of my relatives would want to camp out the night before or after my wedding. I've never owned cowboy boots, but would love a pair of blue satin numbers. I know I do not have the patience or ability to do my own invites. I am getting married in a concrete jungle. And most of my relatives have been spending most of energy trying to dissuade me from doing my own bouquets.

and my wedding is not going to cost $10,000. sadly. ugh. at least i can live vicariously through others and try not to let the green monster take over.

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Rachel said...

Death to the wedding blog! Sometimes you just have to extract yourself. I just celebrated my one-year anniversary so I was reflecting back on the wedding and all that. While it was a fine wedding, I could have cut out 10 different things and it would have been equally as fine. I could have saved money instead of obsessing about picture frame table numbers. Or any number of things, really. I got wrapped up in the "what is a wedding SUPPOSED to be?!" as opposed to "what is MY wedding going to be?" It's hard to pull away from the crazy sometimes, but if you can find a way, I think you'd be way happier with the end result. I remember so little of the actual day, so little of the details, that I know I could have done things a lot differently and still been happy with the end result.