Monday, December 15, 2008

ho ho ho

FH doesn't read this blog (something that I'm sure I'll talk about with the therapist this week), so I feel free to share the triumphs and mostly failures of presents that I've gotten for him in the past.

1. Ipod - he called apple and returned it because it "is too expensive for just a regular old birthday and I have a shuffle"
2. Beer of the Month Club - I thought I really scored with this one, but he canceled it because "I don't have a doorman to receive the package and I don't want to look like a drunk at work" a common city problem, I have all my packages delivered to work b/c they won't leave them at the door...anyway, point is, he canceled it
3. Coldplay tickets - Bought them for the sentimental value, we re-met at a Coldplay concert and I thought he would really enjoy it. I think he secretly did enjoy it, but to this day says that I bought the tickets not for his birthday, but for myself.
4. Tennis racket - We had resolved to be more active. We played once between last christmas and this christmas. At least we played once.

So, what to do for Christmas? Buy that which he trys to steal from me, my aviator sunglasses. image via nordstrom

I'm sure he'll return them, but at this point, I know that my soul has recognized it's true match in another. Cuz I'm just as bad...

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