Sunday, December 14, 2008

So You Want To Get Married At...New Leaf Cafe

The New Leaf Cafe is the cutest cottage restaurant nestled in Fort Tryon Park, at the highest elevation in Manhattan. It is also almost at the northern most point in Manhattan before you hit the Bronx, which was a plus for us since we're getting married in the Bronx.

photos via New Leaf Cafe Website
It is so GORGEOUS but in a semi-wild kind of way. The closest you would get to having a party in the shire without feeling like you are throwing a medieval themed wedding. Which I've been to. I kid you not.
guests arriving from a ceremony in the park

Pros: really pretty in an understated way (which to me is gorgeous), tree consecutive rooms for good flow, plenty of parking, park nearby with views of the Hudson river and the George Washington Bridge, affordable, friendly people to work with

Cons: the bathroom is the public park's bathroom, which they clean up for you, but at some point, it's still a public bathroom, you are responsible for renting a tent for their patio, and for us, it was too small.

I recommend and picture an afternoon brunch with a little 3 piece jazz band. our crowd is just a little too big.

oh, and it was profiled by nymag a while back, story here.

and one of our favorite photogs, who was unfortunately too much $$ for us, photographed a wedding there, pics here.


Rachel said...

Did you ever post your actual venue for the reception? Just wondering...

All these places in New York are so pretty. No matter what you choose it will be such a beautiful day.

lazybride said...