Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rehearsal Dinner

I want to skip the rehearsal dinner. It has caused the most drama out of anything we have endeavored to plan as part of our wedding. Mainly because FH's parents are divorced (and remarried) and one couple is so absolutely insane that I'm in therapy. hahaha, just kidding, not really.

They have been bullying us into planning the rehearsal dinner a full year and one month before the actual wedding. I became increasingly stressed after repeated questioning about where is the rehearsal dinner? what should we do? what do we need to bring? should it have a theme? It's hard to have the same answer to several different questions, the answer "I don't care."

Started to wonder, why do they care so much? This is the sick part: because this is a competition for them vs. FH's father. Exhibited through power trips mixed in with some unhealthy verbal abuse. Joy! I hope you can now see why I want to skip the rehearsal dinner and go straight to popping two tylenol PMs in my childhood twin bed.

The icing on this red velvet cake from hell is that FH actually wanted to wait until they were in town to have them pick a place, ergo rewarding their horrible behavior thus far and setting a dangerous precedent for the rest of our lives. They bully, we give in. No way. I got him to agree to giving them three options. And I know this sounds like a huge power struggle. It is.

So we finally went to little italy, right near where we are getting hitched, to visit some old school restaurants, get prices, and scope out rooms. Their response, "wow, you're really early" as in, you are early even at 8 months out! We don't have to book this until the month before! I want to leave prank messages on their phones with a parakeet saying "I told you so" over and over and over and over again.

I kind of want to book our favorite old pizza place just to piss off the parents since they clearly view this as a presentation of their success and worth in life. Hey, at least I would get to eat chicken rolls...
Pugley's isn't known for ambiance

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un-bride said...

oh, please do the pizza joint ... hehe!