Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wedding v. Marriage

The whole drama over the rehearsal dinner has gotten me to think about the differences between a wedding and a marriage. Why are they inextricably linked? Simply because the wedding is the official starting point of the marriage?

The starting point to our marriage happened already, a few weeks after FH moved in and we started living our lives together. The first few weeks after the move in were a little rough as I like my space due to the fact that I had been living by myself for a while. But after that point, we really started our marriage.

This comforts me. Thinking about standing on an altar in front of everyone I know makes me anxious, but knowing that FH and I have formed a loving partnership and live together as a team/couple/whatever you want to call it brings me such happiness and joy. It also gives me strength to deal with the drama and perspective. Perspective that I hope to use to enjoy my wedding day as simply a party with everyone coming together to celebrate us. We are willing to make sacrifices on that day, and that day alone, to make other people happy. But our lives we have only ourselves to answer to.


elizabazile said...

deirdre this is really pure.

jenelisebeth said...

Right on! I felt the same way. The wedding part, while fun, was totally weird and slightly uncomfortable. Married life? Great!

Love your blog, just found it today.