Monday, September 8, 2008

The Best

My nephew is the cutest and part of the reason I moved back to NYC from DC. He inevitably had one of the best reactions to our engagement, as follows:

Connor Monster: DEE DEE, ConGRAulations!
me: Thanks Connor!
CM: When are you gonna get mawwied?
me: When you are 5, I'm going to get married and you are invited to big party!
CM (confused look, furrowed brow, look of excitement): DEE DEE! I'll be 5....TOOMOWWOW!
actual age: 3yrs and 9 months

So, it was no surprise that he, of all of my immediate relatives, had the best reaction to learning his aunt and uncle are living together. The following conversation took place when discussing a pending sleepover. Can anyone say "test child"?

CM: I want to sleep over at Aunt Dee Dee's house
Sis: Okay, but it's Aunt Dee Dee and Uncle Rob's house
CM: What?
Sis: Aunt Dee Dee and Uncle Rob live together
CM(high squeaky voice): Aunt DEE DEE and Uncle WOB live to-GET-her?!?!
**look of utter amazement**

then complete silence

i heart that little man

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