Thursday, September 4, 2008


There is something about asking a few of your friends to stand up with you and leaving some people out. Wedding parties always seemed superfluous to me, in fact, I always thought I would only have my sister. Until the case of the friend with only her sister in her wedding party and the almost no shower/selfishness incident. And until my wonderful FH announced that he was considering 10 T-E-N men as groomsmen. oh hell no.

So, I thoughtfully picked out friends who have seen me through camp, school, bad hair dyes, bad boyfriends, good decisions, bad bosses, working for the devil, gore/bush, kerry/bush, my early 20s and whom I am very close to presently, without baggage or hesitance, knowing that they each individually would drop what they were doing and save me Batman style from becoming a crazy bride or a shower surprise ambush. I am very happy with my picks.

However. There are two outliers, including a cousin, who I feel SO GUILTY about not asking to be a bridesmaid. I know I will involve them in one way or another, but....still. damn irish catholic upbringing.

and the FH is not having 10. because that is just inexcusable. even if he does have four brothers.

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