Monday, June 23, 2008

Bridal Party Gifts

I know it is way too early to be thinking about these things, but after my daily read of wedding blogs, I found some very interesting takes on wedding party gifts. I've only been a bridesmaid twice and both times was just happy to do whatever the bride told me because I was so happy to stand up for my sister and my close friend. I didn't care so much about the horrid dresses and the stupid sizes they made me order (that could not be taken in because of excessive ruching). The gifts I received reflected the tastes of those brides: a tiffany cross and a kate spade monogrammed bag.

So, if I were to follow that same vein, it would be something like this gem of a necklace from chookmook's shop on etsy:
It can be hand stamped with different words and I would have the words associate with my bridesmaids: Sister, Camp, Laugh, Friend or one word for all of them like: Heart. I would shy away from something silly and conventional like Love, but that would be nice too... you can barely make it out, but the necklace in the picture says Believe.

This is way in the future...or like 12 months away. While on a budget, I don't think that you have to give gifts, but I do think it is nice.

Sidenote: Groomsmen gifts always suck. For example, the massive (engraved) Cleveland Browns mug living in my apartment and taking up half of the glass space in my cupboard. Totally leaving that up to FH.

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