Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm lazy...and a bride to be

There are many bride blogs out there. Written by some very over active brides. While I am not judging their need to hand stamp 150 envelopes because it looks nicer than the way regular mail looks, I do, sometimes, question their sanity. Just as I question my own for reading why one would hand stamp their envelopes, where, how, and what it would cost.

I will not be hand stamping my invites. I also don't plan on gocco-ing my own invites. There are professionals out there who can do it for you. and for cheap.

My vision of a wedding is a simple party, with those who you love enjoying themselves on some good food at an adequately sized location. I am also on a budget, as the FH (future husband, took a lot of blog reading to figure that out) and I will be paying for the majority of the wedding.

Complicating factors include a large guest list made up of my insanely large extended Irish Catholic family and good friends made over the course of high school, college, two moves and 5 jobs since graduating college, and our location in New York City. The most expensive city in the world.

I hope to share what I've learned in the first few months of wedding plans, hope to be a resource for other NY brides and maybe learn a thing or two. Because while I want a simple party, it would be nice if it looked nice and ran smoothly...things that a lazy bride like myself recognize the need for other people to help out with.

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Meg said...

Honestly, I'm pretty lazy on the DIY front too. I see people blogging about their crafts and I eaither think they are unique and awesome (cool cake topper) or NUTS (150 hand painted invites).

Dude. That's why god invented Kinkos.