Sunday, June 29, 2008

Not Lazy At All

The part of me that isn't lazy is usually motivated by my frugal side. I can't bring myself to spend thousands of dollars on flowers that will die the next day. That said, I could bring myself to spend a few hundred and put them together myself. Several brides before me have done so and I think I could do a good job. I mean, dedicate some time the week of the wedding, even though everyone has warned me that this will be the busiest week of my life, visit the flower district in New York, buy some beautiful flowers and spend some time with them the day before the wedding.

My sister, and maid of honor, has taken a vigorous stance against this point of view and for some reason nothing I can say will dissuade her. She's a force, but I think I can do this.

What I will not attempt to do is the venue decor. That seems insurmountable to me in terms of logistics, especially because the venue won't let anyone set up until they are done with brunch service for the day, which will be when we are getting married.

I'm considering using the following vendors, if anyone knows anything about this/has experience in NYC, let me know!

Fisher & Page Ltd.
134 West 28th Street
New York, New York 10001

G. Page Wholesale Flowers
120 West 28th Street
New York, New York 10001

I'm thinking of doing a test run this October to see what is in season and what I can get. There is nothing I love more than some ranunculus and peonies, but I don't think they go together. G. Page lists the flowers that were available the year before by week, which is a great resource. I've dabbled a bit in the ordering "Wedding Flowers in a Box", but the idea of being stuck with something the day before your wedding that might be blooming, might have wilted in the truck or might get lost just gives me anxiety. But it's a great idea!


Rachel said...

I think doing your own flowers is not the stupidest idea ever (like your MOH), but think it is a lot better idea in theory than it is in execution. ONLY because flowers have to stay cool. So you can buy your own flowers and put them into bouquets and centerpieces, but then you have to have a place to keep them cold. Also, how many flowers are you planning to do yourself? Lots of ceterpieces for individual tables, cake table, bar, etc, or just the bouquets and bouts? Does someone in your life have a lot of refrigerator space they can donate to you? Someone who can then transport the flowers to the venue and set them up while you are getting ready that morning? If not, it will be hard. If so, do it! Flowers are gorgeous all by themselves, they don't need fancy arranging. Peonies are some of my faves. Ranunculas would look fine with them. I think also your color scheme could be determined by the "in season" flowers you find. Green might be hard because I think most green flowers are blooming in the spring. The pumpkin and wheat might be more doable because of flower selection. Just think of all the many many variables before you totally discount using a florist. Or maybe forgo using a lot of flowers at all. Do...feathers or candlesticks or some other crazy bride thing instead! :)

lazynybride said...

I'd do the corsages, bouquets and lapel flowers, but that's it.

I was thinking of branches in tall vases for the reception and leaving it at the place for them to set it up the day before. Wouldn't attempt to do all those centerpieces!

Wedding Flowers Co said...

Doing a test run on your wedding flowers is a GREAT idea!