Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lazy about color decisions

Ugh, decisions. They haunt me like the haunt no other Libra out there. I'm feeling pressure, and by pressure I mean I've fielded a few questions from the future MIL, about picking a color scheme. My only rule is no brown. My mother had brown bridesmaids dresses in 1970 and for some reason, they're back. I made fun of her then and my words to one recent bridesmaid were, "at least you can use it as a costume later" but that was for a very specific trend combination: brown + material gathered randomly in the skirt. horrid.

Thanks to Kathryn at Snippet and Ink, my favorite color schemes thus far are:

Pumpkin and Wheat

Burgundy and Blue

Green, White and Black

I'm too lazy to come up with my own!

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Rachel said...

I saw the most beautiful flower arrangement yesterday...fuscia peonies with pale orange tulips. The orange was almost a creamsicle color. Not very "fall" I guess, but it was lovely. Of the three options you put down, they are all lovely, but my fave is black and white and green. Classic with a punch of fun!