Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dreams v. Reality

I've noticed an ongoing theme of brides in the blog world coming up against reality, armed only with their dreams. I can't say that I had any real dream-vision about my wedding. I just want it to be stress free. I want to not get the knot of anxiety in my throat that makes my voice quiver.

So, when the FH proposed, I floated the idea of a surprise picnic wedding, to be catered by Dinosaur BBQ, held at a lovely hudson river side retreat center, with the only people in on the surprise my marrying uncles who would conveniently already be there for the annual big irish family reunion.

But, surprise, he wanted the church, not so much for the church but for the connection to our college, a place of great memories for both of us. However, the church is costing at least $1100 because as an institution of higher learning, they squeeze money out of you any chance they get. ie the perfectly clean refridgerator that my six roommates and I had to pay $40 each to "clean".

Part of that cost is the organist. Who is the only organist allowed to play the organ. Who I have to pay an EXTRA $100 because I want my cousin the professional opera singer to sing with the organist. one song. ARGH.

In the vein of bride-blogdom, I will try to stay on the positive side, it will be beautiful, it's in the Bronx, near my parents' home and the neighborhood I grew up in. And we will get great pics. And possibly stop by Pugsley's for some chicken rolls right after! I can't think of a better way to start a marriage...

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Kelley Lewis Venturo said...

Dear Lazy Bride; LOVE the BBQ idea! Do you think you could convince him eventually? I'll bring the napkins!

Love your blog..., I just started mine a few months ago myself... why don't you give me a visit and let me know what you think?

Best of luck to you!
Kelley Lewis Venturo