Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Greetings from New York!

I'm warming to the idea of save the dates. Early in the engagement someone mentioned that I shouldn't do save the dates because then people would make plans for the weekend and not come to the wedding. I know, that is totally horrible and mean, but when staring at a guest list of 247, you want to start cutting people. And thinking that the people that mean the most will obviously know the date from talking to you. Crazy aunts and horrible cousins will not.

After talking to a lot of guests, seeing some really cute projects and even email save the dates, I kind of fell in love with the postcard save the date. Especially these post cards.

Maybe the horrible cousins will just be scared off by the prospect of a wedding in the Bronx. Totally possible. crossing fingers...
With the wedding in the Bronx and reception in Brooklyn, we could take a more universal New York City theme.
Not sure about this one because it has a random pic of the state capitol...that's in albany, not that anyone would notice but me.

This one might be my favorite because of the bridge and outline of the city.

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