Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Movin' On Up

movin' on up! to the east side! to a DE-luxe apartment in the sky-iii! Anyone remember the jeffersons? I loved them. Made growing up in an apartment seem normal.

Anyway, we're moving!

When I first moved into my rent-stabilized apartment, I thought it was manna from heaven. Until the first Monday, then the first Wednesday, followed by the first Friday. Why those days? Garbage collection for a 700 unit apartment building. right. out. side. my. window. Well, not right outside, but 7 floors down, but the sound just reverberates off of the buildings and it is a narrow street. Starting at 5 in the morning. For 4 years. My sister happily, to this day, still reminds me that she told me to take the apartment facing the courtyard. I didn't want to because of the old italian lady looking at me from across the way.

Thankfully, Bloomberg passed a noise ordinance a few years ago banning the collection of garbage before 7am, but that doesn't stop the guys from putting out the large metal containers at 5, and the garbage truck from coming just a tad earlier at 630.

When FH moved in with me about 4 months ago, we decided to ask about a change. So began our saga with the crazy rental agent who is prime example of old crazy New York. She operates in an office with a desk, typewriter, filing cabinet and pencil. That's it. No joke.

Long story short, we're moving, we were told this morning and will move into a loverly apartment on the 9th floor, facing the courtyard if all goes well on Thursday morn. We were told to show up with two blank checks. hello! shady!

I'm excited to move into a place that is truely "ours" not just my old apartment that he moved into. And...one year EXACTLY before we take the plung down the aisle. So begins the countdown. 368 days, 23 hours, 17 minutes.

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