Sunday, January 25, 2009

facebook this

I've resisted joining facebook for a long time. I base this on two things:

1. My 2003 experience with friendster. not healthy.
2. I fear it will cause guest list bloating and put me out there for "Am I invited" questions, which I abhor. I don't want to re-connect with people and feel guilty about not inviting them to the wedding.

stupid or justified?

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Rachel said...

A) Your Friendster experience of so many years ago will not repeat itself becaus you are a different person in a different place with a fiance and blah blah blah.

B) Anyone who finds you on FACEBOOK and expects to be invited to your wedding is an idiot and you should have no guilt telling them to bugger off. Plus, you can just say you never got the message...

C) I have reconnected with at least three people from my jr. high and college past through Facebook. It's been so fun to catch up with them! You do not have to become super obsessed Facebook person.