Tuesday, January 13, 2009

me v. the knot

In a moment of insanity, I signed up for the knot.com and no amount of get-me-off-your-email-or-i-will has relieved me from their incessant anxiety inducing reminder emails.

Lazybride! You have nine months to go! Here's what you should do!

I. Have. Nine. Months. To. Go.

Apparently I have to
1. Finalize the Guest List
2. Pick out Floral Arrangements
3. Register for Gifts

1. We are still finalizing the guest list. In recent weeks, I have turned heartless, cutting once close friends who I just don't see anymore and at one time v. close work friends. With the justification that I haven't seen these people in months. However, one lives in London. So maybe if I send her an invitation she won't be able to make it...no! that's the kind of logic that got me into this mess. I sent my mother our guest list asking her to fill in our side of the family. Turns out I had completely forgotten a whole sect of my family in Chicago and some of my parents' friends. I'm not angry about the parents' friends thing, I like hanging out with old people and tend to see my parents' friends more than I see some of my own. They always compliment and feed me. What's not to like?

2. Hired a florist at the bidding of my sister (and every subsequent female) who gasped in horror when I mentioned doing my own flowers.

3. Registering...this was supposed to be the fun part, right? Well. It's not. It's tiring. Especially when your FH decides that he will spend the whole time in Bed Bath and Beyond pouting because I want china. Why would one need $2000 worth of fancy plates? I asked in response, why would one need $2000 worth of tv/video game equipment? Before he moved in, I was still in a long term relationship with my tv/vcr combo (the last one Best Buy sold in 2001). "Santa" left us a blue ray and surround sound speakers for christmas. no joke. The boy thought I would be excited opening up a blue ray box. I can barely tell the difference, but I do know that I am totally justified in my desire for fancy plates.

so there. screw you knot.com.

please don't scare me next month.


Rachel said...

I had all those month-by-month checklists and they were all totally useless. And none of them agreed, by the way. Everything got done, but not when it was supposed to. I was insanely early with some things, and very last-minute with others. Best way to get off the knot mailing list? Go to your profile and change your wedding date. Make it next week. Then you stop getting the emails!

And don't feel like you have to invite me to your wedding if you don't have the room. I'll love you no matter what. :)

Victory Bird said...

OMG, I totally have the same relationship with the Knot. Every time I see their 'must haves' and 'must dos' list I want to throw up. I've got an October date too, but there's no way in hell I'll be able to stick to their schedule!