Friday, January 16, 2009

man code

Tuxedos. eh. *shrug* I don't care for them. FH owns one, so I guess he can wear it. I just hate bow ties, cummerbunds and those weird vests they make them wear with ties. Why all the hoopla?
what's with the vest, buddy?

I'd like a simple tie. Possibly in ivory, with his guys in a blue tie. No vests. I'd prefer suits, but got shot down by the Lazy Bride Wedding Committee that has been formed to keep me in line. The chairman is my sister, minority (dissenting in her support for me) representative is my mother and the bridesmaids making up the members. FH is brought in for expert testimony sometimes.

I casually message FH about the tuxes and I now have top hats, monocles and scepters to worry about. Sweet Jesus. Apparently I've violated the man code by even asking.

Mens Warehouse has a tuxedo Build-A-Tux tool! I'm a big fan of the Build-a-something tool. Especially the Build-a-Muppet tool at FAO schwartz. And of course the classic Build-a-South Park character. So fun.
that's me!

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