Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shower The People You Love with...

Not sure why the day before Easter is a desirable date for people to throw parties. As in, the day of both my future sister in law's baby shower and my bridesmaid's bridal shower. Let's list the reasons for going to each, shall we?

Baby Shower
She is my future sister in law
It is organized by the woman who my future mother in law says would like to plan me a shower
My future mother in law thinks that "I've done everything to exclude her from the wedding" despite my hours long conversations about the color of her dress
FH totally wants me to go
I need to beef up my in-law interaction

She's having four baby showers. yes, FOUR.
It is in Ohio, on easter weekend, flight prices are already at $250
The drive to Ohio is death because of the state of Pennslyvania and their penchant for 2 lane highways
I would have to stay with in-laws, at the intersection of anger and passive agressive
I need to beef up my in-law interaction

Bridal Shower
She's one of my bridesmaids
It's local, meaning I could still spend Easter with my family
She's only having one shower, see above
Her FH is a chef, it will be delicious
I heart her already and have no emotional baggage

I can't be perceived as choosing friends over family
I haven't gotten the invite yet, have received invite for baby shower

Complicating factors
Before I knew about the bridal shower, FH already told his mother that we would try, but probably wouldn't be able to make it that weekend.


Anonymous said...

is it easter yet? do the family thing. just do it.

Erin ever after said...

Unfortunately I can completely and totally relate to the FMIL and hours of conversations regarding her dress color and subsequent feelings of being left out. as if planning a wedding is not hard enough. cheers to passive aggressive future mother in laws of the world