Tuesday, March 3, 2009

website remix

We're not sending save the dates so I feel compelled to create a wedding website. That and we have the getting from the bronx to brooklyn fiasco and the whole my fiance hasn't picked a hotel just yet nightmare.

I hate the knot.com and weddingchannel.com, can't use those sites. I have stalked others via those sites and don't feel like going there.

Just visited http://www.ourweddingday.com/, that wasn't helpful and nothing was clickable, so annoying.

My mac is too old to upload the new iweb software, which I so desperately want to use.

We may just choose mywedding.com, seems to be the easiest free one although the templates are uber cheesy in their non-offensiveness.

Then there is google sites, but I feel like google already has claim to a large part of my internet presence (email, blogger, reader, calendar). I'd like to go on a google diet.

Anyone out there have a good service? and want to hold my hand through this?


CheapAndEasy said...

Well, I can't recommend them because I haven't done the website thing yet myself but I know you can do free sites at ewedding.com, superweds.com & mywedding.com. As soon as I book the venue, I'm all over creating a site. BTW - I thought I was the only one that hated the Knot & Wedding Channel. Every time I go on one of those sites, I get so overwhelmed. They really just don't work for me.

PDX Bride said...

It's not free but I love all the options and how easy it was to use. www.weddingwindow.com

One Barefoot Bride said...

We're using weddingwire.com. Pretty easy, multi-functional, and not The Knot. yay!

Desaray said...

offbeatbride.com has some templates. its not free from what i can tell and it might be too offbeat, but certainly an outfit you wouldnt hate to support

Ten Thousand Only said...

dude. u + me = same page, eh.

Sara said...

We did ours through www.ewedding.com....you can do a basic template for free and you can easily customize it. good luck :)