Friday, March 20, 2009

shower-gate update

In the most proactive moves I have ever taken with my future in-laws, I called both the FMIL and FSIL individually, without FH. The verdict? I will not go to Ohio for the baby shower, FSIL totally understands, even said, "I hope you aren't planning to come out to Ohio for this thing." and "I told FH that you shouldn't even consider it." hmmm, didn't quite get that message from FH.

FMIL was a little less forgiving, but still sort of let me off the hook, with a little passive agressive, "We'd still love to see you."

Done and done. We'll hopefully make it out pre-baby on a cheapy flight and post-baby when we can. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. And even better, I'm the one that lifted it.

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un-bride said...

good for you :)