Monday, April 13, 2009

Even my AM New York has turned on me:

Economy Gives Couples the Wedding Bells Blues

The economy has cast a long shadow on the start of the wedding season, with nervous couples cutting guest lists, haggling for discounted gowns or postponing the date until fortunes brighten.

“They are more timid about everything,” said Mark Ingram, owner of a couture bridal store in Turtle Bay, which slashed prices by 80 percent last month to move stale merchandise. “It's no surprise. The economy is in the toilet.”

FH emailed me immediately to see if I had seen it, asking why we were above the $25k average wedding price and I chalk it up to NYC. That said, I was quick to remind him that I offered a surprise picnic wedding catered by the Dinosaur BBQ truck and he turned it down. I'm sure there is something between BBQ truck and what we are doing, but the 254 guest list is fuel to our wedding budget fire.


BeerBudgetBride said...

Tell me about it! You can add us to the list too. My fiancé was laid off yesterday. We had planned on banking his entire salary for the next year & living off mine. Thankfully we haven't signed any contracts yet. Staying positive though.

I also think it's really funny that these women "on a budget" are standing in Kleinfelds. LOL!

liz@chic on the cheap said...

hrrrm. yeah, it's near impossible to do the city wedding for more than 50 people at a reasonable price.

we set a low budget, got laughed at by a few venues, and then started rethinking the money stuff.

ps, craziness. 254 is our magical number, too!

Liz @ McFargan: A Midwestern Matrimony said...

I am laughing out loud because my FI also turned down my surprise picnic offer. Actually... I told him all along that I wanted a beer and pizza wedding, which ours (now that it's mostly planned) is not. C'est la vie.