Friday, April 17, 2009

shower-gate update part II

I had a little conundrum over whether or not to attend my future sister in law's baby shower in a far away state (her one of 4 showers) or my bridesmaid's bridal shower (whom I have known since I was 12) in nyc. On easter weekend. For anyone else who has been in this situation...doesn't it just suck?

I had decided and went the bridal shower this past weekend and it was so great. I'm not a huge fan of showers, but this one was delightful. The 3 margaritas I drank were...helpful.

Fall out from the in-laws re: the missed shower? FSIL is fine, FMIL is fine. I worked myself into such a tizzy about this that I couldn't sleep at night. My relationship with the in-laws is still fragile...but it's just going to have to be on hold right now while I wrap my head around this getting married business.

In fact, I mentioned to my mom that FMIL hasn't been asking as many questions as she had in the past about the wedding. Her response, "Maybe it's because of the letter I sent her"

Mom: I responded to her letter, didn't you want me to do that?
Me: um, yeah...did you keep a copy? what did it say?
Mom: I think I saved it on my computer
Me: you TYPED a letter to FMIL?
Mom: I've always typed letters
it's true, I've received typed letters since the age of 10 at summer camp
Me: Could you send me it?
Mom: Sure

Backstory: FMIL sent my mom a letter back in December with a bunch of wedding related questions that honestly, my mom has no interest in (gee, I wonder where I got this anti-bride gene). My mom had foot surgery and was on vicodin for a good part of December and January, no state to respond to a letter.

Fast forward to my anniversary dinner with FH when he asks me, my mom wants to know why your mom didn't respond to her letter, she wants to know if your mom knows about what happened over Christmas. 'What happened over christmas' is the reason FH hasn't talked to his stepdad since Christmas and horrible in every way imaginable. Of course my mom knows.

I ask my mom why she didn't respond to the letter, she said she didn't think she had to and doesn't see a reason why she should. I ask her to just respond if she asked a question.

So she does. In a TYPED letter. To a probably beautifully hand written letter from FMIL.

The letter.

My friends.

Is awesome. Says Lay the F off my daughter in the NICEST way possible.

and ever questions from the in-laws.

I wonder if they are still coming...


I love my mom. For everything.


Anonymous said...


Michelle said...

I second that request! I'm dyying to know!

sommer said...

Oh PLEASE PLEASE post the letter!

Erin ever after said...

Love your blog.

P.S. Heart a million times over The Time Travelers Wife. Are we the only two in the world? Thanks for your input on centerpiecegness. I am going succulents and never looking back

Erin ever after said...

by the way. GO MOM. Your blog is like US Weekly,but. better.

Liz @ McFargan: A Midwestern Matrimony said...

I wish my mom would write my MIL a letter. MIL was rude to my mom's face at a shower and I SO wished for a moment that my mom had ballz enough to fight back about it. Probably better in the long run that she didn't. But it would've been good to watch. :)

un-bride said...

Even if you never post it, I'm jealous. Way to go, mom!