Thursday, April 2, 2009

Things I Should Be Doing

My craft projects are keeping me from doing the following.

1. Compiling list of music for DJ (just suggested, not required, I trust him)
2. Booking hotel (the recession is really keeping us from doing this, prices are going south)
3. Booking transportation (dependent on hotel, methinks)
4. Booking Hair person
5. Trying on my dress after a year of hanging in my parents' apt (I'm scared)
6. Finding seamstress
7. Compiling random catholic documents for church (baptism, confirmation, dispensation to get married at university church...sigh)
8. Taking Pre-Cana class
9. Ordering B-maid dresses
10. Getting new shoes to replace the pain inducers
11. Food tasting...looking forward to this
12. Getting in shape (signed up for 10k, have run 2xs, am at a 14 min mile, sigh)
13. Picking readings, songs for ceremony
14. Take dance lessons for first dance
15. Getting a veil (maybe)
16. Picking out converse sneaks for the ring bearer
17. Bridal party gifts (although the amount of time i spend on is ridiculous considering I've never bought anything)
18. Form a loving and meaningful relationship with my in-laws (I'd settle for having them not hate me)
19. Register for ridiculous plates that I heart, despite FH's objections

Some things need to be done before getting shoes before I face my dress and bring it to a seamstress. Unlike Lost, I have a pretty straight time/space continuum. Others, like forming a loving a meaningful relationship with my in-laws do not abide by a simple wedding time line, but still need to get done.

If you'd like to know about my craft projects, I guess I should start another blog, because I am not a lazy crafter. I'm taking a quilting class at the City Quilter and crocheting a baby blanket for the future sister in law. My quilting instructor is such a cranky New Yorker that I consider it a privilege to be insulted by her. I know, I'm weird.

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