Tuesday, May 12, 2009

it happened

I felt/feel overwhelmed. Freaked out at FH (who is increasingly a groomzilla).What can you do? Especially when thinking the same thoughts on a continuous loop:

hope my dress fits
hope the guest list shrinks overnight
why did he put neverending story on our song list?
what will my dad want to dance to?
why does the church need certificates no less than 6 months old when we were baptized years ago?
hope pre-cana doesn't turn me into an alcoholic
why do veils freak me out?
why is everyone pushing the veil?
can i pull off the birdcage?
why can't i find a pair of shoes that i like that are compfy?
hope my vendors remember me
is it weird to have red velvet cake and peanut butter fudge pie as dessert options?
must take dance lessons
i hope the invites look good
wonder if i can avoid his horrible family member till the wedding
that wouldn't be good
thank god the invites look good
dear lord, why does FH have opinions?
wonder if i ignore them
didn't work
how will i get the flowers to the wedding?
when will my maid of honor like the things i like?
never, she's your sister
why is flock of seagulls on the dance list?
why does the flowergirls mother want their hair done?
i don't
he must stop freaking out about the guest list
who am I marrying?


no amount of crafting, quilting, knitting or applying to grad school is going to be able to fully distract me from this loop of thoughts. ha! I even signed up for the GRE to give myself something other than wedding planning to do. silly girl, tricks are for kids.

five months to go people. it'll get better, right?


Liz @ McFargan: A Midwestern Matrimony said...

Yeah, it gets better. And then worse. And then better. Hang in there!

sommer said...

ahhh, the angst list! I think we all have one...I think after a while you say eff it and it gets better! :-)

Anonymous said...

that was a pretty accurate portrayal of the thought patterns. also, my word verification word for this comment is "splat".

Rachel said...

Ah! I remember those days. Now I want you to develop some sort of mantra, something you can repeat over and over again when you are going off the deep end. Like..."The wedding is one day, the marriage is what matters" or "Serenity now!" Anything, really. But yes, it gets better, and then it is over, and then you look back and realize you were worried about the stupidest things ever. I promise. It's hard to see while you are in the middle, but everything is going just fine, and everything will turn out fine, and then you'll be married and happy and never have to plan another wedding for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

lazybride said...

blerg. thanks for the pep talk, kids.