Thursday, May 14, 2009

website remix part II

So, I angsted over picking a host for the wedding website. We went with It seemed to have the nicest designs for free. Here is what I learned from this experience:

Disclaimer: I am not a website programmer, these are simply observations

1. Your and your FH's writing styles will be totally different. Esp if you write a blog and as part of your job and he does not. This may or may not be a pleasant surprise. Let's just say if FH wrote a blog, you would feel the need to wear a suit while reading it. and hose.

2. You cannot edit the HTML, which will annoy you if you are used to google blogger or any other kind of website interface.

3. Their vendor recommendations are weird and clearly paid for by the vendors. If you pay for a recommendation, it is not a recommendation, it is an advertisment, please call it such.

4. There is an RSVP function, which is nice.

5. If you want to make your text link to a page, you cannot do this and must provide the full link.

6. I wonder who will actually visit the website and make use of it

7. Friend's comments will make you smile, this makes it worth it

8. You may or may not feel guilty providing a link to your registries. For some reason, I was fine with registering all by myself, in the soft glow of my post-midnight computer screen, but now I hear cousins reactions in my head, "she registered for $600 knives, who does she think she is?" Let's not even talk about the plates.

9. Creating a website will make you cross things off your to-do list faster, like pick hotels and think about transportation, all good things, if you, like me, need some fire under that ass.

10. Telling people about the website is awkward..."Hey, we made a website, no, we are't sending save the dates" It kind of feels like you are asking them to look at your registry and get you a gift. Clearly I have issues about the registry thing.

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