Tuesday, May 19, 2009

to veil or not to veil

I...wasn't so sure about the veil thing. Then I turned to my favorite photog (who sadly is not our photog) just to see what's what in the veil world. Not that I don't love me some etsy, but there is something about veils on mannequins that really freaks me out. I'm debating between an elbow length and a *gasp* birdcage.

you are amazing, Punam Bean. All images from Punam's Blog.

I'll be lucky if I have a quarter of this bride's composure and sass on my wedding day.


Victory Bird said...

Originally, I was positive I was going to do a birdcage veil. But I'm worried they've reached the arc of maximum trendiness and I'll look back and not love it so much. So I'm back to square one, what to do?

Rachel said...

Ah, the veil. I LOVE birdcage veils. I LOVE those spanish veils with the lace around the outside that just sit on your head like the virgin mary. Neither were me, however, and I wasn't about to wear some big ass poof on my head. You've got to pick something that is YOU, that makes you feel bridal and lovely. If I remember your dress correctly, I think a birdcage could look stunning. Especially with two of the hairstyles you demoed a few weeks back. Only way to know...try it out.

BeerBudgetBride said...

I LOVE love love birdcage veils! I wanted one in the worst way. However, my Dad's been amazing from day 1 about the wedding and has only asked for 1 thing he wants to do the whole - lifting of the veil at the alter thing. I can't really deny him that - so I might switch & walk into the reception with a birdcage.