Friday, May 1, 2009

opinions v. decisions

We had our first wedding related blow up. I blame it on opinions that get in the way of decision making. Whose opinions? FHs. I'm not saying he isn't allowed to have opinions, I've welcomed his opinion on nearly every wedding related decision we have made. But when those opinions crop up late in the decision making...I get cranky. I may even steamroll my way through those opinions just to GET THINGS DONE.

Does this make me a 'dictator'?

Does this make me a *gasp* 'bridezilla'?

No, not when I apologize for making him feel that way and state the reason why I do the things I do. But that, sometimes it's hard to get there, you know?

the fight? started over whether to include all of our parents' names on the invites (his opinion) vs. my "together with our families" (thereby equally offending/honoring all parties) but touched on a whole range of other issues. It was ugly. I'm told that if we get through planning a wedding we'll be fine. I don't know why people love planning weddings. I really really don't.


sommer said...

*Points finger and yells....BRIDEZILLA!! DICTATOR!!** Whoever said they like planning wedding must by masochistic!

Candi said...

I don't think it makes you either a Bridezilla or a masocist. While 'together with their families' is much more modern, listing each set of parents individually on your invite is somewhat more traditional.

How traditional of a wedding are you having? If it's not traditional at all, then you should go with the 'their families' line. If there are still objects use the "We're-a-modern-couple-and-it's-209" argument.

I'm sure you'll make the right decision and always remember to apologize. A little bit of apology goes a long long way!

Thanks for the comment on my blog earlier!

ezmy, ezzielou, ezmeralda... said...

I won that battle because the invitations were too small to put the parents' names on. I win!

Planning weddings is the suck.

sara-grey said...

I am one of those weirdos that enjoys planning weddings (mine or other peoples) but I still hate the ridiculous choices that need to be made, and the other peoples hurt feelings about silly, petty things.

In the long run (hopefully) people will be more focussed on the important stuff like the fact you are marrying the man you love!