Friday, September 4, 2009

bridal showers are not the enemy

Even though it rains
Even though you weren't surprised, necessarily
Even though your crazy aunt forgot her teeth
Especially because your five year old nephew runs you over in front of everyone
Especially because your six month old niece is cute as a button and makes everyone "awwww"
Even though you never think you'll get through all those presents in under 6 hours
Especially because your college next door neighbor who you met by chance, puts together the most god awful ribbon hat that makes you smile radiantly and sashay...
Even though three of your bridesmaids don't make it for perfectly good reasons
Especially because they were there in spirit
Even though you don't understand your future mother in law
Especially because your favorite aunt and cousins were there
Even though your sister doesn't understand why you would get three different colors of Fiesta plates
Even though you didn't actually get to eat dessert, or coffee, or taste anything because your adrenaline was running on super high and
Especially because you weren't as mortified as you thought you would be opening a nightie from your mom...

You love your bridal shower. You feel loved and honored. and amazed that it went by so quickly.

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One Barefoot Bride said...

awwww.... so sweet! It sounds like you had a great time!