Tuesday, September 29, 2009

me being lazy

you know you are lazy when your FH creates, prints, cuts and folds all of your placecards. lazy...and smart.

he did a great job.

you know you are entering dangerous wedding territory when your most recent web browsing includes www.catholicweddinghelp.com. no joke. it exists. also, when you ask your mother to steal/borrow a hymnal from the church. and when you ask a nun to send you a copy of the most recent prayers of the faithful. cuz you are just too lazy to come up with your own.

we're one day away from the 10 day outlook on weather.com. gotta be honest, i'm excited that it is supposed to rain this weekend because I feel like that improves the chances for next weekend.

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Rachel said...

I'm gonna do the "no rain" dance for you because...well...I don't want to walk around in the rain! My big umbrella so does not go with my dress. :) Plus, I am knitting a very special stole to wear and I'm not so sure wet alpaca smells super great. I'm sure it smells like alpaca. Nice, fancy, brushed, dyed alpaca, but still alpaca. Like wool. Anyway, I digress. No Rain!