Wednesday, September 23, 2009

pre-emptive thanks

I am so thankful for the detail oriented people in my life right now, including but not limited to my future husband, a key bridesmaid, the restaurant manager and my florist.

FH is doing a ton of work right now for the wedding, not least of which is making sure we pay everyone and that we have enough money to pay for everyone, also, dealing with his mother. Came home the other day to him on the phone with her, "but mom, I'm not going to know the difference between fuschia and marroon tissue paper" re: the welcome bags, ie, not my job.

For someone like me who just wants to zone out to How I Met Your Mother, details are the bane of my existence. Second only to....

Table assignments. Doing this sucks. My issues right now include
  • The old people table, they're all old, invalid and may get lost on the way to the them all together or assign them to their children?
  • Parent's random friends..sitting with them would be like sitting at a table with Eeyore.
  • Who to put upstairs? I don't want to insult anyone, but people are going to be sitting upstairs. I'm going to try to make it a party up there.
  • Where do we sit? This is an issue
  • How to pad the in-laws tables...because non of FH's extended family is coming...
Knowing that none of this is going to matter in 3 weeks is so comforting...


maura said...

I went to a good friend's wedding where a lot of the friends were sat upstairs.

We could see/hear the toasts. The majority of us were old friends from college that we didn't give hoot where we sat.

It was also nice to sneak up there once the party got going and peak at the dance floor.

Missa said...

We will have upstairs seating as well! Nice to see we're not the only ones.

30ish peeps will have a bacony-esque view of the downstairs area, and we're going to put the young, fun people up there and somehow figure out how to keep them on the downstairs dance floor...