Friday, September 25, 2009

my relationship with the dark side

Let’s define the dark side first. The dark side is a place where one reads wedding blogs, beautiful, gorgeous wedding blogs (hello snippet and ink and Elizabeth Anne Designs) and wedding websites like Martha Stewart weddings, and photography websites (I’m looking at you punam bean), for at least 2 hours a day. (these are just the websites that pull me in, there is nothing wrong with these sites, besides what you do with them, ala judge yourself).

It is a place where one yearns for that perfect letterpress, to match every single piece of paper used at their wedding, but already has perfectly unique invites (which were sent out months ago). The dark side is a place where you check your own wedding registry daily. You find yourself searching endlessly for that perfect dress for your niece, who won’t even remember being there.

It is a place that makes you think your wedding isn’t special enough because it doesn’t, in your mind, measure up to all the other things/images out there, including wedding industrial complex weddings, super budget weddings AND super indie unique weddings.

Your wedding becomes defined by what it will look like, not what it will feel like and not what it is actually about: You and yours.

It isn’t a place you want to be. But only you put yourself there.

It may be a place where one looks for the *perfect* font for their wedding programs. It may be a place where I have been and thanks to the comment slaps from friends, I’m vowing not to return.

Thanks friends!


Missa said...

Its also a place where you eventually convince yourself that maybe you want to WORK in the wedding industry so that when your wedding is over you still have a reason to read all of these things. At least that's what I'm grappling with now, haha.

Stephen said...

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Julie said...

I visit the dark side a lot. It's like your in my head with this post. Except no one's slapped me outta the dark side yet.