Thursday, August 20, 2009


Sorry, I short-circuited on macy's yesterday. It isn't a big deal, but I feel bad for people who are trying to buy us presents and are faced with sheer incompetence.

On a lighter note, Williams Sonoma has been nothing but a delight to work with/receive gifts from.

We're less than 2 months out and it's....exciting. I'm really really excited. I think it will be a great day but most of all, I'm excited to call FH my husband. We've been practicing and it usually ends up with giggles.

Our response rate has been slower than I would have liked, but we're almost at a 50% response rate, 3 weeks after sending out the invites and 2.5 weeks before the cut off date. With the Yes/No rate, we're likely to have about 240 at the wedding, which sounds perfect. It's not likely to be that many tho as conventional wisdom says that you'll get more Nos towards the end.

We got back one response card from a girlfriend of mine and she didn't put her boyfriends name. I'm thinking, oh dear lord, I hope I didn't offend them by not putting his name on the invite. After a few frantic emails/calls to all non marrieds in a relationship, I come to find out that she was going through a really tough time and had just broken up with her boyfriend.

So, lesson learned, it isn't all about me all the time and it never should be.

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Rachel said...

I have no desire to buy from Macy's solely because of the stupid WeddingChannel redirect. Boo on them. So I keep perusing the Williams-Sonoma site. I fill my basket with goodies for you and Rob, but then (and this has happened three times) it just doesn't seem right. So I cancel the order and say I'll come back next week. Your list of "available items" is shrinking, though! I don't know why the gifts I choose keep seeming wrong. V. odd.