Monday, August 3, 2009

Bridesmaid Dress Blues

So, my sister had a lovely baby girl 6 months ago. She ordered a bridesmaid dress 2 months ago. And it doesn't fit. Not because she ordered the right size, but she ordered the size that was $50 less than the "next" size category.

When faced with this decision, encourage your bridesmaids to order the right size and not go through the agony of what my sister just went through. No woman should have to wear a bridesmaid dress after just giving birth, but if they have to they should be kind enough to themselves to order the right size. And no one knows what size you ordered when you walk down that aisle, so it really doesn't matter.

Thankfully, we have a master seamstress on the case. Who is now in possession of my wedding dress!!! eeeeee. first fitting: done.


Missa said...

Yikes, that stinks!!

the un-bride said...

I SO agree -- the sizes in bridal, etc. can lead women to easily paint themselves into a corner. Don't get me started on how awful/WIC that is!!

Tell her she looks hawt & get on with it!