Friday, August 28, 2009

How Will I Know I'm At a Wedding?

Went to hang out with my sister and her friends at her beach rental last week. I suspect it was a poorly planned wedding intervention, but these days, every interaction with my sister goes similarly. This was an actual conversation:

Her: You guys, she's not having cake
Friend 1: Not having cake!
Friend 2: You have to have cake!
Me: No I don't
Her: I will buy you a cake
Me: You only want to do that because you bought me a cake topper. We are having pie, get over it, it costs more money to serve cake than it's worth
Her: You are ridiculous
Friend 1: How will I know I'm at a wedding if you don't cut cake?
Me: I don't know, maybe the one hour service before and the big white dress I'll be wearing could be hints?

And no, I have not told them of the many other things we are skipping: champagne toast (that shit is expensive), garter toss (ridiculous), bouquet toss (also ridiculous), being announced (just silly, everyone there knows who we are)

You have to learn to pick your battles.


Rachel said...

How will I know I'm at a wedding?! Madness.

I applaud you for no garter or bouquet toss. No one likes it anyone.

I think I told you how Jon and I wanted to serve pie instead of cakes. We were talked out of it. Then at our wedding we didn't even get a piece of the cake we had spent so much money on! We got the ass end piece that was nothing more than frosting and crumbs. So sad.

Rachel said...

Oh, right, one more comment. I am in no way suggesting that you *should* do an announcement of the bride and groom. BUT, since you are keeping your last name, it is on nice way to let all the aunts and uncles and misc. people know that. "And now, for the first time as husband and wife, Bob Zombie and Delilah Snuffen!" Instead of Mr. and Mrs. Zombie. Just sayin.

lazybride said...

i enjoyed your cake, rachel, it was quite delicious.

I'm taking the passive way out of the whole last name thing. It's not going to bother me if someone calls me mrs. zombie. but that is a good suggestion.

the un-bride said...

Ha! hang in there, girl! We had cake, but skipped all that other stuff ... and guess what? People knew it was a wedding.

Carly said...

I love the idea of pie at a wedding (probably cause I strongly dislike cake)!

-ps: I found you through East Side Bride and just wanted to invite you to enter the giveaway I'm having on my blog. check it out if you want...

Desaray said...

"how will we know its a wedding?" huh-larious!

anna and the ring said...

How will I know I'm at a wedding???!
Simply crazy.

I think there will be a couple of clues. I am speechless!

(My word verif is disrues and that is exactly what you should do!! - It may actually be my new favourite word!)