Tuesday, July 14, 2009

First Dance

I like the first dance tradition, it's sweet, doesn't really have any hidden agenda, and gives everyone a chance to take way too many pictures. It also creates a little pocket of time for just us. We're not going to break dance like some couples or play baby got back....you know you watched that you tube video.

So, I lobbied for a little dance lesson $$ in the budget and we went a few days ago. It was SO FUN. I felt like a kid in mad hot ballroom, but better.

Not only do you get to learn how to look better than you normally would dancing, but dancing is really a team effort. And I can't emphasize how much I like team efforts, especially in the crunch time of wedding planning, when things are delegated and taken care of by one person or the other, but not both.

Also, a helpful hint from my friend, your dress should be altered to leave you about an inch from the floor to the bottom of the dress, or else your betrothed will step on your dress when dancing.

PS If anyone is looking for dance lessons in the NYC area, Alfredo Melendez is your man.

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