Tuesday, July 7, 2009

the man in my life

Every time someone buys something off our registry, the man in my life (TMIML is too long, right?), calls me and updates me. Looks like someone has a case of registry-stalkaholism.

I find this...fascinating. Especially considering that registering was about as pleasant as a dentist appointment.


anna and the ring said...

Are there lots of manly techy things on your list or has he just found a deep love for crockery!

I know my boy will get super excited if we have a gift list.

BeerBudgetBride said...

Uhh - mine is OBSESSED! He checks everyday & since Pottery Barn has a little list that shows you who bought what, he calls & tells me too. My usual response: "Cool! Now *you* write the thank you note."

accordionsandlace said...

My dude does this too!!! Yesterday I thought he was bumming around on his usual dude websites when he suddenly announced "we got knives!"