Wednesday, July 8, 2009

pie in the sky

I thought we could get away with cutting a small cake to satisfy those, including my sister, who want us to cut the cake. My sister bought us a Lladro cake topper as an engagement present, because I am so clearly a figurine person...yeah...not so much.

sis, "So just put it on top of the pie!"
me, "It will sink"
sis, "You take all the joy out of wedding planning!"
me, "You're welcome" (to my niece who will one day have to deal with the musings of my sister as she tries to have a low key wedding)

Emailed the coordinator at the restaurant who pointed out, well, if you cut a cake then people expect to EAT a cake. So true. Pie it is. Not just any pie, but fancy stacked pies.



sara-grey said...

we are also doing wedding pie. i think it will be scrumptious!

un-bride said...

There's something kind of awesome about a half-sunken Lladro figurine peeking out of the top of your pie. Just sayin'.