Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stalking UPS

The invites are in the mail! from the printer! I'm inordinately excited and am refreshing the UPS status page at least 4 times an hour.

On a related note, I've spent nearly 8+ hours creating my own little map and directions card to insert in the invite. Gave to FH to review last night.

Me: Oh! Look what I made! (sing song voice that doesn't occur in nature)
FH: (squinting)
Me: Be positive! say something positive! spent a lot of time on them
FH: They're nice
Me: What was the squint about?
FH: (scared animal trying to calculate escape hatch)...they're a little confusing...

Not to pat myself on the back or anything, but I didn't kill him.

Back to the powerpoint drawing board. Just to give you a taste of my torture, google maps wasn't doing it for me, so I recreated downtown brooklyn with autoshapes, complete with directionals. AND I couldn't find an accurate representation of the 4 boroughs (sorry staten island), so I did it myself. In powerpoint. with autoshapes. shudder.

and yesterday, when I had finished my masterpiece, I accidentally hit the surge protector with my foot, turning the computer completely off. Had to stifle a scream of utter dispair and horror so as to not alert my coworkers to my elicit behavior. yeah. had to re-do about an hour of work.


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Desaray said...

you clearly must post a picture of the map-attempts. that you did not post one with the post is really egregious, in a blog way.